Sept 15, 2022

€ 455

€ 345

€ 50

€ 150

€ 30


July 25, 2022

€ 395

€ 285

€ 50

€ 120

€ 30


Conference Participants (on site)*

Conference Virtual

Participants (with accepted submission)**

Concept Mapping



Printed proceedings*****


Sept 28, 2022

€ 525

not available

€ 50

€ 180

€ 30

*Participants: includes (a) authors who are presenting at the conference (Paper, Poster or Innovative Experience) and (b) any person interested in attending the conference sessions and events. The Full Registration fee includes conference sessions, coffee breaks, lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, conference banquet, one hardcopy or e-copy of the Conference Proceedings, conference bag and materials. At least one author of each paper/poster/innovative experience must register before July 25, 2022 for the paper to appear in the Program and the Proceedings. If the author is not going to physically attend the conference, he/she should register as a Virtual Participant. The Conference Registration does NOT include registration for the Workshops and does NOT include hotel for the conference dates in Malta (Sept 26, 27, and 28th).

**Virtual Participants: Virtual participants’ papers (full paper or poster) are included in the Conference Proceedings. The registration fee includes one e-copy or one hardcopy of the Conference Proceedings which will be mailed to the author. At least one author of each virtual paper/poster must register before July 25, 2022 for the paper to appear in the Proceedings.

***The workshop registration fee covers the full day of workshops and is the same for all workshops. Having paid the registration, the participant may attend whichever workshop he/she wishes.

****Companions: Includes banquet and other social events; does not include lunches. 

*****Printed proceedings: Includes one copy of printed proceedings.


Reimbursements: Authors may be reimbursed for the Registration fee up to July 25, 2022, but the paper will not appear in the proceedings or in the conference programs (unless another author of the same paper is registered). Other participants (who are not presenting a Paper, Poster or Innovative Experience) may be reimbursed for their Registration fee up to July 25, 2022.